What you put on your body should be as healthy and natural as what you’d put into it. MONU have always worked hard to ensure that their products conform to a strict ingredients policy and are manufactured to the highest standards.

MONU has the finest of natural ingredients combined with advanced skin science and technology for professional skincare face treatments to bring out the best in you, using the best of nature and boast a British heritage of over 30 years professional skincare experience.

The unique product formulations and treatment procedures utilise science and the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils. Monu Skincare harness the power of nature to soothe, nurture and protect your skin and refresh your inner being with the range of natural skin care products that contain the most advanced and intelligent actives to ensure the best results and do not contain damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes or synthetic colours, nor are they tested on animals.

The RENU range has been specially designed to cobat the three main types of ageing –

+ Natural, Genetic Chrono-Ageing
+ Photo-Ageing, Due to UV Damage
+ Hormonal Ageing

The special formulations of the RENU range addresses these three major concerns with performance products and combines scientific innovation with proven, potent natural actives.

For the best long term results, it may be worth considering a series of professional skin care treatments and for specific concerns or for special occasions a course of treatments may be highly recommended to ensure the best possible results and your investment of professional treatments can be supported with the use of homecare products.

Book your personal skin-care consultation and MONU facial treatment appointment soon. 01903 259318 or visit www.bodytechwellbeing.co.uk for more information on the MONU facial treatments available.

MONU Express Facial 35 mins    £32

A great way to try out some of the MONU skin care range with a deep cleanse and treat for the face and soothing massage to relax and treat the mind, even when time is limited. For all skin types.

MONU Aromatic Prescriptive Facial  60 mins   £40

A wonderful soothing and beneficial facial treatment that can be tailored to meet your needs and particular skin type. The preparations used contain the purest essential oils, carefully selected to cleanse and balance the skin.

MONU Smoothing Algae Facial  60 mins    £50

A top of the range, line smoothing treatment with a Seaweed compress containing Marine Magnesium that smoothes, lifts and energises the skin. The extremely effective partnership of active ingredients, combined with superior treatment technique imparts skin radiance, freshness and tone, not to lmention and uplifting experience. The treatment includes a pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage to energise the skin and the specialized mask smoothes, sculpts and refines the facial contours. Treatment includes face, neck and shoulder massage.

MONU Hydra-Lift Collagen Facial  75 mins   £55

Excellent facial for most skin types but especially Dry/Sensitive or Mature skins. Collagen improves the skins tone, elasticity and ability to retain moisture, also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

RENU Intense Lift  Anti-Aging  75 mins     £55

Renu Lift is a luxurious 90 minute spa style specialized facial treatment which uses formula products together with an Algae lifting mask combined with an exclusive facial massage to give your skin a reviving and natural face-lift effect. The treatment provides you with additional massage to legs and feet, arms and hands as well as to the scalp and face, creating a complete sense of relaxation, stress relief and tranquility to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

MONU Collagen Lip & Eye Treatment 30 mins £30 (As an add-on £18)

All Skin Types. Dry/Sensitive/Wrinkle-Prone

Deeply moisturising, plumping treatment using Collagen to improve the skins ability to retain moisture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate lip and eye area





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