Merlet Mira


Merlet Mira Pointe Shoe.

The Mira was designed for a different aesthetic shape of pointe shoe by Merlet to give a closer fit for the foot, for advanced to professional level dancers.

Made from traditional construction methods and materials, Mira helps the transition from demi-pointe to en-pointe, is quieter on stage and is offered to meet the need of a fine foot work, lightness and flexibility.

Very low profile, flattened medium weight toe box with  U shape vamp and medium toe platform. The toe box is slightly more square but gently tapered to suit a foot with similar length or gently tapered toes.

Leather outer sole.  Cotton Lining and Cotton Drawstring.

Colour:  Peach Pink.

Medium strength 3/4 length shank from stock.

2 Widths Only :   B (Narrow/Medium)     C  (Medium/ Wide )

Special Order Various Options :  4/4 Full Length,  1/2 shank,  Hard Strength Shank,  Black,  White.  Please allow 4-6 weeks.