Capezio Studio


Capezio STUDIO Pointe Shoe.

  • Gently tapered medium profile toe box with deep vamp & wide platform.
  • Higher, reinforced wings.
  • This pointe shoe is built to be quieter and to last longer.
  • Offers the hardest toe box that Capezio makes
  • Quiet Toe
  • Lower sides and heel narrow heel.
  •  #5.5 strong strength or #7.5 very strong strength shank
  • Elasticated binding
  • Cotton lining
  • Narrow to broad forefoot with tapered toes.
  • Widths:  N, M, W

Colour: Petal Pink

Size conversion guide: UK size equivalent is approximately 3 sizes up from US size.  e.g. UK4 = US7


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