Whilst dancing on pointe, the shoe merely provides support for the foot, so you need to be strong enough not to allow all your body weight to sink into the feet and the shoe, but instead be able to feel ‘held’ out of the shoe, which requires sufficient strength in the feet, legs, hips and also the abdominals that supports your pelvis and spine.

Are you ready for Pointe? How Ready Are You?


Student’s Age – usually around at least 12 years old.

Sufficient number of years formal Ballet training. (Approx 4 years)

At least 2 classes taken each week.

Student must be of ‘normal’ weight.

Have sufficient maturity, attention in class and commitment.

Be in good health and have sufficient stamina to complete a whole class.

Must have the Dance Teacher’s approval !!

Can You… and Do You…?

Hold turn-out whilst dancing?

Have a strong, straight back and maintain a level neutral pelvis?

Keep the heels forward in line with the first and second toes in second position on demi-pointe? (No sickling)

Maximise the use of Plie while dancing to enable Releve onto pointe easily?

Maintain knees in line with toes in Plie with the heels down?

Maintain strong pointed feet whilst dancing?

Be able to do 20 Single Leg Rises onto demi-pointe with the supporting leg knee pulled up and straight?

Hold a Releve Passe balance (Pirouette position) on demi-pointe without losing turn-out or upper body conrol?

Have sufficient flexibility to forwards bend when standing and touch the floor?

Activate and hold your abdominals or tummy muscles in whilst breathing normally?

Have sufficient pointe range in the foot and ankle to be able to go on pointe and avoid the toes from curl?

Perform a Grand Plie in the centre?

Do 12 – 16 Releves in the centre with correct foot, leg functional control and upper body core control?

Pre -Pointe Prep Assessments & Perfect Pointe System

Apart from being under the watchful eye and guidance from your Dance Teacher during class, what more can you do to ensure you are really ready for pointe work or to ensure your best possible chances of success if you have already begun Pointe work?

Private pre-pointe assessments are a great way to take a personal in-depth look at things such as joint range measurements, flexibility, alignment, natural turn-out, core strength, balance and foot-ankle stability. It helps young Dancers to gain and understanding about their own body and the key skills required and exercises to help them improve their technique and reduce risk of injuries. It provides them with tools to practice outside of class time or as part of their own warm-up before class.

The assessments are designed as a help tool, not a test and may even be helpful to girls who have already started En-Pointe as it may bring attention and awareness to some specific weak areas that if corrected with exercises, could prove invaluable to the student in their future practice.

Please note: This is not a pointe work class tuition session.

Appointments can be made privately and as with all our treatment consultations, are private and the students’ confidentiality is respected.

Perfect Pointe workshops for a small number of students can be arranged and held at Pointe Performance near Worthing. West Sussex or at your Dance School if requested. Minimum age 11 years.