Introducing Cambre Pointe Shoe by Capezio

If you had already discovered and admired the recent plush features of the latest Airess Pointe Shoe from Capezio, only to be disappointed that they were really for those needing a much stronger shoe with super strong shanks – available in No. 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5 strengths – the strongest available by Capezio, NOW we have the NEW CAMBRE Pointe Shoe… a sister to the Airess, same stunning colour rose satin, rose colour anti-slip (faux suede) lining, pleatless toe, elasticated binding, full wing box, deep vamp and lower, flatter crown…available in moderate strength shanks of No.3 & No.4 to suit many more dancers strength of foot and requirements.

Like the Airess, the Cambre comes in a variety of shank lengths as well as strengths, No3 strength is a half shank so the shoe is even more flexible in the mid arch section and No4 strength is a 3/4 length shank offering slightly more support for a stronger foot or higher arch. Available at Pointe Performance in West Sussex for fittings and advice or on-line at